Natural Breast Enhancement for Women

Breast Actives natural enhancementWe know the tried-and-true method of enlarging women’s breasts through surgery, but that can be expensive, invasive and even potentially risky. Sometimes women just want a way to enlarge their breasts without needing to undergo the surgical knife, and luckily, there are options for that! There are plenty of breast enhancement pills and creams on the market today as well as several other methods for natural breast enhancement. I recommend trying out Breast Actives, comprising supplement pills plus breast massage cream, is one such option that is highly popular and definitely worth checking out – take a look at Breast Actives Reviews and see what users are saying about this product..

What Are Breast Enhancement Pills?

There are dozens of natural breast enhancement pills on the market today, some contain herbal supplements and others are hormone-based and require a prescription.

Herbal supplements often contain wild yam, flax seed, and saw palmetto which are known to enhance the size of breasts naturally. Although no clinical trials have been conducted using such pills, you can be sure of their safety by confirming that the ingredients in the pills are FDA approved for safety and by looking at product reviews – see Breast Actives before and after photos! Herbal supplements tend to be the safer, more natural route for breast enhancement.

For those of you looking for a more direct pill, consult with your doctor about estrogen pills. These are pills such as birth control or hormone therapy pills that contain added estrogen, which is the primary hormone linked to breast enhancement. Never take pills containing added hormones without your doctor’s consent as they can be linked to harmful diseases if not used appropriately.

What Are Breast Enhancement Creams?

Another option for natural breast enhancement is the use of creams. These creams contain a variety of herbal additives such as fennel that are known to stimulate natural breast enhancement. What you want to look for in your breast enhancement cream is that the cream is made in a well-known, high quality facility that is compliant with FDA guidelines, and contains only natural ingredients. Make sure you are not putting harmful chemicals onto your skin!

If you want to go the all-natural, do it yourself route, you can try making your own natural breast enhancement cream by mixing ground up fennel seed with olive oil into a thick paste and massaging into the skin. Fennel is a natural plumper so over time it has been known to increase breast size, although this option might not be as effective as commercially produced creams. For example, the Breast Actives Cream ingredients are based on extract of Prueraria Mirifica – a herb that has been documented by researchers to enhance female breasts, as well as protect against cancer.


Try combining breast enhancement pills and creams with exercises that target breast enhancement. There are several exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home that, with time and consistency, can bump you up a cup size. Try doing arm circles (forward and backward), pushups and arm presses (start with your arms out to your side, palms vertical, and bring them out in front of you, then back out to your side). Prayer pose and chest press extensions are also beneficial for natural breast enhancement!

ConclusionBreast Actives pills and cream combo

There are numerous breast enhancement pills and breast enhancement creams on the market today. Take some time to do a little research and figure out which ones you want to try! Don’t forget to add in those exercises and you’re sure to see an increase in your cup size!

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